Ministry Ideas

Passove supper.

Each year before Easter we hold a passover supper.  This follows the format of a traditional passover but points out the points where the events of the last supper happened.  We have found that this has helped people to deepen their understanding of the communion service and helped them appreciate it.

The event is always open to the Churches around us and is well attended by guests.

Five a Day

This is a series we usually run during lent to encourage people to pray for their friends.  The details for this are on the five-a-day page.

Ten a Day

This is an abbreviated version of our five-a-day with the same aim but runs for one week for ten minutes per day.  The details are on our ten-a-day page.

A season of invitation

This is an initiative that started in the Anglican Church and was known as Back to Church sunday.  Individuals are encouraged to personnally invite people to come back to church but because people do not respond to a single invitation the season of invitation gives them a number of opportunities to get used to coming to Chutch.  The details are on the season of invitation web site.

We have been encouraged by the responces we have seen to this initiative.

The life boat station

The life boat station is an anonymous  story that is an analogy for churches.  I have used it in several different ways during my ministry.

It talks about church growth and is a warning about churches growing into comfortable clubs rather than reaching out to the community around them.  It can be found at this link "The life boat station"